|| From Desert Floors To Mountain Tops ||

Etna to Cascade Locks Mile 1610 to 2155

On my way to Etna I met Jean and Michael. I was cooking lunch at an campground, Micheael knew where to spot thru hikers and was prepared for it. He had a cold drink with him. Which was of course for me. After some talking the offered me to pick me up in Etna in 2 days to give me a ride out of town back to the trail. Worked out perfectly, on the way up the pass I had another drink, Jean hab a ziplock bag with fresh homemade cookies for me. Sweet. They where so good that I ate them all due the next morning. I hiked about 11 miles out of Etna Summit this evening. I saw the first two black bears in between just one mile in the Marble Mountains. Amazing how those animals can move thru the woods at that speed. I could not even think of getting my camera in time. I hung my foodbag high in the trees that night. The trail was really nice til the end of California. Good mixture of ridgewalks, amazing views and woods. Reaching the California/Oregon border was a big thing for me. In my preperations for the trip I always said I want to hike at least to this point. Hiking for 1700 miles thru the state of California is an achievment. I checked in at Callahans Lodge the next day. Hiked 12 miles to the this great breakfast that morning in 3 hours. I met Thomas on the way in, he was going to Ashland and got the Heet (alc for stove), Deet (against mosquitoes) and Aquamirra (water treatment) which I needed for Oregon. Very cool so I had not to go into town and could relax at callahan’s. Thomas is a great guy, he shows up on places where you would not expect it and helps you out at any time. The Oregon trail is very gentle to the body, not to steep and easy to follow. I did big miles (40) over and over. The higher elevations still had a lot of snow which slowed me down timewise but not milewise. The navigation was a lot easier than back in the Sierras. The snow was just in patches. The first highlight for me was reaching Crater Lake, this is just a place you have to see with your own eyes. On the way out and for the next days the Mosquitoes got really bad. I was not even able to make breaks because they where all around. At nighttime the temperatures dropped so they go somewhere for at least a couple of hours. But they come back in the morning. Was really hard mentally for me to hike all day long with this annoying creatures around. I met Rainer at Shelter Cove Resort, he was sick and waited for Loyd to drive him to bend. I did not feel like hiking so I took the opportunity to come with them for a “zero-day” in town. Bend was kind of big and I did not do much there.
Crater Lake, Mt. Thielsen, Three Sisters, Jefferson, and Mt. Hood where definitely the highlights of Oregon everything inbetween boring woodwalk on a very dusty trail. Rainer and me took the alternate route Eagle Creek into the town of Cascade Locks. There is this nice waterfall “tunnel-falls” it was Sunday and the tourists where out to visit it. I looked up to the bridge which we will be walking on over the Columbia River to take us to Washington State.


2 responses

  1. Ingo

    Hi Matthias,

    Crater Lake is an amazing sight!
    All the best for your hike through the last state!


    26. August 2011 at 23:54

  2. Hope you’re enjoying the lovely WA summer weather!

    30. August 2011 at 03:38

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