|| From Desert Floors To Mountain Tops ||

PCT Gear reflections


Ok I am not going through every item in my gearlist. It all work as I expect it before. But are few things I like to talk about..

Maps and Navigation: Overall the PCT is a well marked trail, the year 2011 was something special because of the heavy snowfalls during winter along the west coast.
I never would buy “erik the blacks” PCT Atlas again. Halfmile´s maps and GPS waypoints are way better and for free.
I loved the iPhone 4 as an GPS in the Sierras. There was not a single day where I lost signal. It worked perfectly. A Smartphone was also nice to have in towns. I had Wi-Fi connection in almost every resort or town.

Shelter: Loved the space in the MLD Duomid but I only pitched it because of heavy wind, exposed areas or rain which was not even 20% of the trip. Next time my shelter would be smaller and I think it would be Silnylon made. Thinking of an MLD Solomid or a simple Poncho Tarp.

Bivy: I used the MLD Superlight Bivy for the whole distance and because of sleeping under the stars most nights it was really nice to have, it kept wind off, bugs out and my sleeping bag free of dust.
There where some nights where I had to open it for ventilation because of high temperatures.

Backpack: Think I would take my Golite Jam next time for the whole distance.

Sleeping bag: Maybe a lighter bag would be enough, but I dont to sleep with clothes or to freeze at night.

Cuben Fabric: This is how those fancy MLD stuffsacks look like after 5 weeks of use. I just carried extra clothes like raingear in it. In my opinion its not worth the money.


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