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Race Report: 100 Miles of Istria (100k)


Earlier in the year Anders and I where writing back and forth looking for the right trailrace to participate in together.
He came up with 100 Miles of Istria which was held for the first time this year.
Since I knew Istria only from going on vacation with my parents as a child, it sounded really appealing to get to know the mountain areas spreading through the country.
So I picked up Anders and Gerald who signed up for the 100 miles distance and off we went. After spending a day at our apartment we drove down to Koromacno to pick up the bib numbers. Gerald was starting the 100 miles at 9 p.m. that day so he stayed at the finish area to catch the transfer bus to the start in Umag later. We enjoyed the nice warm weather down at the sea and later we looked for the trail which runs down from the mountains close to the finish. Later, Anders and I where driving back to the apartment, preparing for the race the next morning by looking at maps and profiles.
As always the night before the race felt like catching no sleep at all. My alarm clock woke us up at 3:20 a.m. since we had to catch the transfer bus leaving close to 5. Bus ride was kind of horrible with lots of construction work on the way to Buzet. I felt tired and somehow not too excited. We met Gerald who decided to quit here after 60km.
In Buzet around 120 runners gathered at the starting line. At 7 the race was on. Anders and I worked together from the first minute and found our pace really quick. Walking uphill, covering ground on the flats and descends. We reminded each other on not going too fast in the beginning because it is going to be a long day anyway. The terrain in the first half was already technical but ok to run in most parts. We got wonderful views along the way and where really excited to run together. Since Anders and I have not met since the end of the PCT two years ago, we had enough to talk so the time went by fast.
After 10 hours I was still wondering why there has not been a low point yet. Later in, we where thinking about a 16 hour finish time, since most of the long climbs are behind. Before we descended down to the Checkpoint at km 68, a runner from Slovenia told us we are around 10th position. This was very motivating because I had no idea where in the field we are.
What we did not expect was, that the terrain closer to the coast was getting much worse than in the beginning. Very hard to run on, especially with tired legs. A fall here would mean a serious injury. I crashed my toe into a rock once which felt like I twisted the nail of the toe. But I did not stop to look for it. Between Rabac and Labin the trail got very steep, they installed cables to make the way down possible. We had to climb over a waterfall to reach a checkpoint. A beautiful place but at this stage I was too tired to get out the camera for pictures. I really had to focus on every step I took. At the climb to Labin I felt really really tired. I knew that this point will come and I knew also how to go through and feel better again.
At the checkpoint in Labin I changed my socks again and fueled up for the last 20 km. We turned on our headlamps and off we where into the night. Twice we had to retrace our steps because we could not find the waymarkers anymore. We where ready to finish and kept pushing downhill, wondering when we will get to the dirt road which we knew from inspecting the trail the day before. After that dirtroad, we came down to the paved road, which lead us the last km into the finish in Koromacno. After close to 18 hours on our feet we where more than happy to be done and finishing 10th place overall. All in all, it was a great day and I am really happy about staying save and healthy along the way without having too many problems with fatigue or lack of motivation. The experience running through the mountains of Istria is something I dont want to miss. We endured.
Great organization and enthusiastic volunteers too!









Race Report: Ultra Alpine Marathon Veitsch 30.06.2012 (Austria)

It was supposed to be the hottest day in June, temperatures where reaching +38°C at 9 am the temps at 2000m elevation where allready +20°C
I knew It is going to be hard.I knew the fact that I can handle the cold much better than the heat. So here I was in a pack of 120 other runners at this small village Veitsch. I made two mistakes in the first half of the race, I started way too far in front and the second was I did ran the first 18km also on the uphill.
After 21km the trail started to climb the steepest 600m of the whole course to the top of hohe Veitsch. I was really tired on the climb and felt that my right calf is going to cramp at any second. At this time I could not wear my running shirt anymore because I felt like it is keeping the heat to much at my body. My head was aching so I made my own ac wrapping the shirt around my head and soak it in water at every possibility. Worked great for my head but not for my back as the sunscreen was washed away from sweat and water long ago. At one of the checkpoints they had magnesium tablets which helped against my cramping leg. After 30km I was close to quit the race. I just was not there. My body felt not too bad but my head was saying no. I met my parents at this aid station, I sat down and spoke to them. Everybody around me suffered. Even the people who where not running. 24km left. I took my fresh filled bottle and made my way downhill knowing the hardest part is behind. The heat of midday was unbearable. I literally just moved one leg in front of the other thinking about the next step following the trail over hilly terrain. The last 5km where all downhill through a forest with the last kilometer into the village and the finish line on paved road. I was never so tired my entire life but still happy about the finish.


Trailrunning: Ultra Trail Serra de Tramuntana Mallorca // Race Report

I started running in February 2010 and never run a typical marathon distance except a half marathon (21km) after 2 months of training. Then I found out, that running in the woods and mountains is so much more enjoyable and fun than on paved roads. In 2010 I hiked 8 days from Port d´Andratx to Pollenca. On April 28th 2012 I ran the distance of 107km with a positive 4500m gain in elevation in 18h:46min. Both where great but different experiences.

It is 23:58. I am one out of 500 runners who are waiting lined up at the start area for the clock to jump on 00:00.
They start to play “Carmina Burana”. I know something great is going to happen. I focus on my breath, click on my headlamp, the two minutes are over and the field rolls out of the village of Port d´Andratx. I try to make my strides as small and low as possible, to keep the impact on my body low. The paved road comes to an end, I follow the pack into a small dirt road. The lights around me are so bright that I switch mine completely off. I found a group of 3 who are about my pace. I know that I should not get out of breath in the first hours during the race. The road is going steeper and steeper. One of the group is slowing down. I dont understand what he was saying because it was spanish but I think he told his friends to slow down aswell because this is going to be a long race. So did I. We started to climb while turning into walking. I notice hundrets of lights around me, red blinking back lights and the beams of strong white headlamps winding up the mountain. A strong feeling surroundet me, I knew it was right to face this challange. I arrived at the top of the hill, eager to make some good effort on the downhill. The first two hours went by and I was not far away from the first aid station. There was some paved road into the village of Estellences. The guys at the checkpoint wrote down our bib numbers and showed the way into the garage which was the aid station. It was hot and humid in there. I took of my pack, refilled my bladder, had two cups of coke, half an orange and took a banana out for the upcomming section. Other runners where sitting around and taping their feet or stretching out. I was just feeling to continue as fast as possible. The field stretched out more and more and there was no one around anymore. The trail climbed and went down again, with flat stretches inbetween. The hours went by I was very confident with running through the dark from one checkpoint to the other. It was allready more than 5 hours in when I reached the town of Valdemossa. The day began to brake in, this was the first time I could recognize the scenery I allready hiked through a few years ago. I knew, up the next mountain there will be a beautiful ridge waiting and I will arrive on top just right at sunrise. I talked to some french runners on the uphill. The only people I talked to during the race. They where joking around and saying something like “this race starts at Kilometer 70” which I believed in but I did not care because all I wanted is to cross that finish line. So I arrived at that ridge hiking fast the switchbacks up before. I spoted the long shadows of other runners stretching over the pale gray bolder fields above tree level. To the left there was just the see below a 300 meter vertical cliff drop. I knew I am not far away from the 55k mark and the halfwaypoint of the trail. There was a big downhill waiting into the village of Deja. The trail got really steep and technical winding down the mountain into beautiful olive groves and through overgrown areas covered with long blades of grass. At the checkpoint in Deja I sat down for the first time. I brought some spare socks and now over halfway the time has come to change them. The once I whore where completely soaked. I refueled by eating some big blocks of cheese and white bread. Took some oranges and bananas and off I went again. The heat of the day arrived, I was happy about some cooling winds on the exposed areas. On the way to Soller a really fast runner overtook me at the downhill. I thought going downhill at these speeds after 60km requires some serious skills. Later I found out that it was the leader of the shorter competition which started at 8am in Valdemossa.He has serious skills. I arrived in Soller during midday. It was really hot. At the aid station I just took some fruits and refilled my bladder. I could not eat the meals the had there because my appetite for cooked food was just not there. There was this big climb waiting up the canyon towards Cuber Basin. I went really slow but steady up the trail which was combinded with large stairs. More runners from the shorter distance overtook me. I ate the food I carried from the beginning on my way up. Such as Energygels, Bars and PB ride shots. I brought way too much food but I did not want to leave it behind. Up the canyon my feet where really heavy. I had to force myself into running again. Mentally I felt still very good. I knew I could do it. I was just tired and slightly dizzy from the heat. At the last Aid station in Lluc I opened that Gatorade Strip I brought last year from the States. Mixed it with cold wather and enjoyed the taste. From Lluc there where just 17km left to the finish. I knew I could do those in about 2 hours reaching the finish under my personal goal of 20 hours. The last downhill really took forever. My legs where tired and I had to be really focused not to stumble over these rocks and roots. The last 7km where flat paved road combined with some trail just a little below the road. Cars where blowing their horns from time to time cheering us. High fives where given from other runners. I just wanted to get it done. My legs felt good on the easy trail and I just ran as fast as I could these last kilometers and across that finish line. After 18h:46min I finished in 119th position out of about 300 finishers. On the next day my legs felt good and I could not wait to enter the breakfast buffet at the hotel.

My strategy to finish:

-Something I learned from long distance hiking. Split the course into small chunks. In that case running from one aid station to the other.
-Walking uphill
-Taking just small rests

My training:

Since September 2011 I never run further than 25km. I was never going further than 80km a week. More like 40-60km.
On all my trainig runns I gained 600 or more meters of elevation up and downhill.



Nathan HPL 020 Backpack + 2xMLD Hipbelt Pockets
Petzl MYO RXP Headlamp
Red backlight (road bike)
Inov-8 Buff
Northface Visor
Oakley Jawbone Glases
Haglöfs Tempo SS T-Shirt
Fuse Arms
Black Diamond Gloves
Ronhill Shorts
Compressport Quads
Salomon Calfs
Falke RU4 Socks (carried 2 pairs, changed after 55k)
Dirty Girl Gaiters
Brooks Cascadia 6
Black Diamond Z-Pole Ultra Distance
Foldable Cup
Emergency blanket
Anti Friction Stick
Ipod Nano

Before the start

Some French runners


Inov8 F-Lite 230 review

First of all this shoe is light, very light. Actually for me it feels like a sock with a thin sole on it. But like on the other Invo-8 trailrunners it got a fantastic grip.
This is a shoe for short and fast distances, for longer distances I prefer more cushioned ones. I did my first 21k half marathon in them and got problems with both ankles. But this could also be a problem of false training.
I also use it for flat and urban terrain. The shoe fits good, but i would recommend to buy it one size bigger than your normal size. (I also recommend this one every other running shoe too)
The mesh is very breezy, which provides very good ventilation and quick drying.
As you can see on the pictures below mine broke at about 400k in them, but I got them repaired from a shoemaker. I dont know it the material used is too weak or they broke because mine are a little bit too small for my feet.

All in all i still would recommend the F-Lite 230 but not as your every day running shoe.

The pair in size EUR 43 weights exactly 480g on my scale.

An autumn trailrun

During summer I haven´t taken any pictures while I was out running. When I´m running than I´m running and i do not like to interrupt this with stopping and set the camera for snapshots. Today was kind of different I took my iPhone with me to “track” the route and I felt like taking some snaps of the trails where I spend the whole summer not too far from where I life in Vienna.

The Cobenzl and Kahlenberg area became my favorite playgrounds here, during spring and summer I was out there nearby everyday. There was and still is a lot to discover, it took several weeks to get known of the area because it is that big with so many opportunities to go. It has everything, climbs, fast singletrails, technical downhills and of for sure forest roads (which i do not really like). On a clear day you can overlook the whole city of Vienna from there and that is something really fascinating.

After the GR20 hike I tried to get the “beat” back in running where I started, on the street, starting at my front door. I soon figured out again that road running does not make sense to me. I really do not like it. Too much people, too bad air, nothing that inspires. It simply does not feel right for me.

So I guess I will get a strong headlamp soon so I can hit those trails also in dark winternights.

Trailrunning: Schneeberg Umrundung, Niederösterreich

Ausgangsort: Losenheim bei Puchberg am Schneeberg

Distanz: >20 km

Höhenmeter: ca 600

Auch diesen Sonntag war wieder ein längerer Lauf an der Reihe. Die klassische Schneebergumrundung über den Kuhschneeberg, Krempelhütte, Kienthalerhütte über den südlichen Grafensteig bis zur Station Baumgartner weiter über den nördlichen Grafensteig zur Bürklehütte und die letzten Kilometer auf dem Weningersteig zurück zum Parkplatz. Der Weg beinhaltet eher wenig Höhenmeter der Trail ansich ist aber nicht einfach zu laufen da er an vielen Stellen seitlich hängt und nebenbei auch sehr steinig und wurzelig ist, also genau richtig!

Fotos gibts so gut wie keine, da ich sehr aufs Laufen konzentriert war. Wie man erkennen kann hab ich meine Exo Calf Teile das erste mal ausgeführt, mehr dazu vielleicht später..

Trailrunning: Rax, Niederösterreich

Ausgangsort: Edlach

Distanz: ca 30km

Höhenmeter: ca 1400

Eigentlich wollte ich nur den Törlweg besichtigen, über diesen findet der Raxlauf im September statt. Da alle Vorraussetzungen für einen längeren Lauf inkl. Sonnenschein gegeben waren, hab ich die Runde bis zum Habsburghaus ausgebaut. Der Törlweg hat es ganz schön in sich, um ihn im September ordentlich laufen zu können ist noch etwas Training notwendig 😉 Das Laufen am Hochplateau auf diesen schmalen und steinigen Trails war die Anstrengungen jedoch wert.

Trailrunning: Schneeberg, Niederösterreich

Ausgangsort: Losenheim bei Puchberg am Schneeberg

Distanz:  > 20km

Höhenmeter: ca 1400

Letztes Jahr bin ich diese Route erwandert, es wurde also Zeit sie zu laufen. Vom Parkplatz aus läuft man gleich relativ steil weg über Serpentinen in Richtung Almreserlhaus (1200m), weiter hinüber zur Edelweißhütte und Sparbacherhütte. Ab hier hat man die Möglichkeit über einen schmalen Trail zu laufen oder am Forstweg zu bleiben. Das Nächste Ziel lautet Krempelhütte auf ca 1500m. Weiter geht es vorbei am Schauerstein auf die Fischerhütte und somit zum höchsten Punkt der Route auf 2050m.

Von da an geht es über das Dammböckhaus und weiter unten die Elisabethkirche bergab in Richtung Station Baumgartner. Von dort könnte man den Forstweg weiter hinunter laufen, um nach Schneebergdörfl/Puchberg zu gelangen. Ich laufe aber den für mich schöneren Weg, den nördlichen Grafensteig (sehr schmaler Weg, oft leicht hängend, Wurzeln, Steine, etc…)

Hier quert man so ziemlich alle klassischen Winterabfahrten über Geröllfelder. Unterhalb der Bürklehütte laufe ich weiter am Grafensteig um dann wieder zurück zum Ausgangspunkt zu kommen.