|| From Desert Floors To Mountain Tops ||


To make a list for every backcountry trip helps a lot to lighten up your pack. A kitchen scale up to 5 kg is the best way to get the exact weight of your gear.
Sure not every gearlist works for everybody it is a very individual thing that depends  on your skills how to use the stuff right in different conditions.

Pacific Crest Trail 2011
Month: April to September, Temperatures between -5 – 35°C, Distance 4200km in 130 days

GR 20 Korsika 2010
Month: September, Temperatures between 0°C – 28°C, Distance: 180km in 9 days

Laugavegur-Iceland 2010
Month: June to July, Temperatures between 5°C-15°C, Distance: 110km in 4 days

GR221 Mallorca 2010
Month: April, Temperatures between 8°C-25°C, Distance: 150 km in 8 days


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